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2012 Contracts & Agreements
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Agreements and contracts may be found within the Board's Minutes (which are sorted by date).  Copies may also be obtained via a Public Record Request submitted to the office of the Board of County Commissioners.


Agreement No.

Name & Description

January 4, 2012
12-012 First Amendment to Inmate Telephone Services No. 10-062 with Telmate LLC
January 10, 2012
12-001 Homeland Grant – Closeout amendment for 2010
January 13, 2012
12-002 MOU with Spatial Data
January 19, 2012
12-003 MOU with Idaho Fish & Game
12-004 Agreement for Site Access with DEQ formerly known as Commercial Fuel Recycling
January 23, 2012
12-005 Psychiatric Services with Christopher T. Clancy M.D.
12-006 Leavitt Group Benefit Consulting
January 27, 2012
12-007                 Blue Cross Rate Sheet for 2012
12-008 Water Bank Water Lease Agreement for 2012
February 2
12-009                 Letter of Intent to Purchase – Vallivue School District
12-010 Maintenance Agreement with Boise Office Equipment for Court Assistance Officer
12-011 Pictometry Agreement with Nampa Highway District #1
February 3
12-013 Approve purchase of real property – Ambulance District – Happy Day Business Center
February 10
12-014 Purchase Agreement with Dragonfly & End Use Statement
12-015 Purchase Agreement for 1018 Albany Street, Caldwell, ID
12-016 MOU with Idaho Division of Vocational Rehabilitation (Elda)
February 13
12-017 Memorandum of Agreement with Idaho Dept. of Labor (Parks)
12-018 Agreement for professional services with Modus Architecture (Parks)
12-019 Administrative Services Agreement with Blue Cross
12-020 Settlement Agreement with Nampa Hospitality, Inc.
February 17
12-021 Contract amendment w/Idaho Dept. of Commerce: Parma Senior Center budget revision
February 28
12-022 Memorandum of Understanding with Idaho National Guard and Sheriff’s Office
March 1
12-023 Contract with Joe Bell
March 5
12-024 Contract with Circle H. Construction – (purchase & fiber installation)
12-025 Real Estate Purchase & Sale Agreement with Vallivue School District, Lots 8–13
March 9
12-026 Settlement Agreement and Mutual Release – (John Bujak & Pepper Bujak) pay Trustee Jeremy Gugino
April 10
12-027 Addendum No. 1 to real estate purchase and sale agreement with Vallivue School District
April 12
12-028 Idaho HAVA voting systems grant program – County application and agreement with the Secretary of State
April 17
12-029 Memorandum of Understanding with the State of Idaho Bureau of Homeland Security
April 23
12-030 Agreement with Center for Internet Security, Multi-State ISAC – Confidentiality, Nondisclosure and information-sharing agreement
12-031 Law enforcement services agreement with the City of Middleton
April 26
12-032 Memorandum of Understanding with Idaho Fish & Game
12-033 Memorandum of Agreement between Idaho Department of Juvenile Corrections
April 27
12-034 Parks & Rec Agreement – boating safety grant
12-035 Idaho Voting Systems Grant
May 3
12-036 Otis Elevator Service Agreement
May 7
12-037 FY2012 Master Agreement with Horrocks Engineering
May 8
12-038 Extended Use Supplement to Test Security Agreement (H.R.)
May 9
12-039 FY2011 Juvenile Accountability Block Grant
12-040 FY2012 Gem State Circles Agreement – Peacekeeping Circle Group Sessions
May 10
12-041 Real Estate Purchase and Sale Agreement for 1206 Albany Street, Caldwell
May 14
12-042 Memorandum of Understanding – Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant Program: local solicitation
May 15
12-043 Memorandum of agreement to support clinical services in the juvenile detention center (Idaho Department of Juvenile Corrections and the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare)
May 22
12-044 Norwest Power Systems
12-045 Global Drug Testing Labs, Inc.
12-046 Sale of Real Property – Middleton School District #134
12-053 Memorandum of Understanding re: Radio System Maintenance
June 4
12-047 Transfer of Property and Service Agreement – City of Wilder – Omni Antenna
12-048 Conveyance and Acceptance of Gift – City of Wilder – Omni Antenna
June 11
12-049 Internet Access Agreement with NewComTechnologies, Inc.
12-050 Memorandum of Understanding with Idaho Dept. of Fish & Game & Sheriff’s Office
12-051 Medical Services Contract for FY2012 with Alex Casebolt
12-052 Medical Services Contract for FY2012 with Karen L. Schumacher
12-054 Medical Services Contract for FY2012 with Paul Ryan
June 18
12-055 Weed Control
12-056 Gopher Control
12-057 Dynamic Imaging Systems, Inc.
12-058 Internet Access – TCI Corp, Dba TCI Mapping
12-059 Release Brad Rickett – Riverbilly
June 21
12-060 Internet agreement with city of Middleton
June 25
12-061 Vox Maintenance Agreement
July 2
12-062 FY2012 Psychiatric Services Agreement with Core Weathers, M.D.
July 6
12-063 Interagency Agreement for Juvenile Staging
July 9
12-064 Law Enforcement Agreement with Middleton School District #134
July 18
12-065 FY2012 Code Enforcement Services with City of Middleton
12-066 Fair Special Event Agreement for Barnyard Dash and Health & Wellness Expo
July 23
12-067 Westlaw
July 25
12-068 Grant for Idaho Emergency Communications Commission Enhanced Emergency Communications
August 8
12-069 Memorandum of Understanding with Juvenile Drug Court
August 15
12-070 Letter of Intent with Industrial I LLC
August 20
12-071 Agreement with Helion Software (imaging & scanning)
August 21
12-072 Homeland Security Grant  ($116,937.99)
August 28
12-073 Idaho JABG FY2011 Grant (Juv. Prob)
August 29
12-074 Agreement with Teresa Baker (consultant-emergency dispatch, feasibility study)
12-075 Norman Family Trust
September 4
12-076 Election Systems & Software, LLC agreement
12-077A Office Lease Agreement with Industrial for storage
September 21
12-077 Mapping agreement with Aerometric Geospatial Solutions (aerial photos of landfill)
12-078 Landfill wood waste removal contract with Enviro-Progress, Inc.
12-079 Agreement to extend contract for professional consulting services w/Daniel B. Stephens & Associates (landfill consulting services contract #09-053)
12-080 Agreement between Ada County, Canyon County and Idaho Department of Juvenile Corrections
September 25
12-081 Building Inspection agreement with Owyhee County
September 27
12-082 Computer Arts, Inc., contract addenda (software for Welfare Office)
12-083 Auditing agreement with Gibbons, Scott & Dean
October 1
12-084 West Valley Medical FY2013 Facility Agreement
October 2
12-085 Modification of Development Agreement for J&R Farms, LLP
October 4
12-086 Lease agreement between Ada County and CC for portion of Ada County’s Shafer Butte Radio Tower Facility
12-087 Century Link Enhanced 911 Service Agreement
12-088 Century Link Wireless Enhanced 911 Service Agreement
12-089 Qwest Public Safety Installation/Maintenance Agreement
12-090 Century Link Customer Acceptance Form
12-091 Qwest  E911 Full Remedial Maintenance Agreement
12-092 Designated Examiner Agreement with Lawrence Banta, M.D.
12-093 Designated Examiner Agreement with Jerry Doke, PH.D
12-094 Designated Examiner Agreement with Phares Book, PsyD
12-095 Designated Examiner Agreement with Brad W. Levitt, PsyD
12-096 Medical Services Agreement with Karen L. Schumacher, Nurse Practitioner
12-097 Medical Services Agreement with Alex Casebolt
12-098 Psychiatric Services Agreement with Coire Weathers, M.D.
12-099 Psychiatric Services Agreement with James G. Saccomando, M.D.
12-100 Psychiatric Services Agreement with Charles C. Novak, M.D.
12-101 Psychiatric Services Agreement with Roberto A. Negron, M.D.
12-102 Psychiatric Services Agreement with David A. Kent, M.D.
12-103 Psychiatric Services Agreement with Eric Gilbreath, M.D.
12-104 Psychiatric Services Agreement with Ninon Germain, M.D.
12-105 Psychiatric Services Agreement with Christopher T. Clancy, M.D.
12-106 Psychiatric Services Agreement with Bok Chung, M.D.
12-107 Psychiatric Services Agreement with Marc Bostick, M.D.
12-108 Psychiatric Services Agreement with Kafia Abbasi, M.D.
12-109 Psychiatric Services Agreement with Nicholas A. Massoth, DMD
12-110 Renewal No. 2 – Commissary Services with ABL Management, Inc.
12-111 Agreement for Financial Advisory Services with Zions Bank (financial services for County & Caldwell Urban Renewal)
12-112 Engagement Letter with Hawley Troxell
October 10
12-113 Aircraft Hull & Liability Proposal of Insurance for CC
October 15
12-114 Agreement with Kenneth Stringfield
12-115 M&S Farms, Lease
12-116 Designated Examiner David Sanford, PH.D.
12-117 Medical Services Paul Ryan, M.D.
12-118 Mental Health Tim Ashaye, M.D.
12-119 Parenting Kristie Browning
12-120 Parenting McKenna Lacy
12-121 X-Ray Service (Bedside Services)
October 18
12-122 Memorandum of Agreement – Re-Entry Program – Idaho Dept. of Juvenile Corrections
October 22
12-123 FY2012 Grant ($116,937.99) Homeland Grant
October 26
12-124 FY2013 Facility Agreement with Intermountain Hospital
12-125 FY2013 Facility Agreement with Sunhealth Behavioral Health System for Boise, Inc.
12-126 FY2013 Facility Agreement with Saint Alphonsus Regional Medical Center
12-127 Designated Examiner Agreement with Richard Sonnenberg, PH.D.
October 30
12-128 Hawkeye Adventures – Celebration Park
November 1
12-129 Leavitt Group Benefit Services – termination of agreement no. 11-066
November 5
12-130 Equitable Sharing Agreement & Certification
November 6
12-131 FY2013 Payette County Juvenile Detention Housing Agreement
12-132 FY2013 Celia Asumendi – Provision of Group Instruction for Juvenile Offenders
12-133 Mental Health Clinical Services Southwest Idaho Juvenile Detention Center & CenterPointe, Inc.
12-134 Amendment No. 1 – Circle H. Construction
12-135 FY2013 MOU with Vallivue School District No. 139
November 9
12-136 Benefits Broker/Consultant Agreement with Employee Benefit Resources Corp (Jerry Doman)
12-137 Construction Contract with Wright Brothers, The Building Company, Eagle, LLC (Crossroads Museum)
November 14
12-138 Agreement with Wanda Newton – Groups for parents of sexual offenders
12-139 Agreement with Rita Fell – Family counseling
12-140 Equitable Sharing Agreement – CCNU
12-141 Amendment No. 1 with Karen Schumacher – Medical Services
12-142 FY2013 Elmore County Juvenile Detention Housing Agreement
12-143 FY2013 Owyhee County Juvenile Detention Housing Agreement
12-144 FY2013 Washington County Juvenile Detention Housing Agreement
12-145 FY2013 Agreement with April V. Horak – Substance Use Disorders
12-146 Cooperative agreement with Valley Regional Transit for annual dues and service contribution
November 21
12-147 First Amended Development Agreement for J.A.P.S. (JAPS)
November 27
12-148 Serena Lehman – Juvenile Offenders & Parents FY2013
12-14 Gem County – Juvenile Detention Housing Agreement FY2013
12-150 Adams County – Juvenile Detention Housing Agreement FY2013
12-151 All Access Electronic Monitoring Service FY2013
November 30
12-152 Stop Loss Application
December 3
12-153 Memorandum of Agreement – Canyon Count Domestic Violence Court (Dan Kessler)
December 4
12-154 First Amendment to MOU between Idaho Power Company and U.S. Dept. of Interior – Boardman-Hemingway 500 KV Transmission Line Project
December 14
12-155 Agreement for appraisal with Jess Payne (Map Rock Road & Farner Road)
December 21
12-156 2nd Amendment to Addendum A – On-line Vehicle Renewal – Idaho Information Consortium, LLC
December 26
12-157 Motorola Agreement for Dispatch
12-158 Homeland Security Grant
12-159 Notus School District Law Enforcement Agreement
12-160 Agreement with Dennis Ganz (Krazy Dog)
12-162 Ground lease, lease agreement, assignment of ground lease and county’s closing certificate re Urban Renewal Agency of Caldwell for administration building project
December 27
12-161 Agreement to donate property - David Ray Parker
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