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Office of Professional Standards
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Welcome to "OPS"

The Office of Professional Standards is responsible for maintaining the integrity of Canyon County Sheriff's Office and its members by conducting full, fair and objective investigations.  The Office of Professional Standards exists to investigate and report on all investigations referred by the Sheriff or his designee.

The Office of Professional Standards (OPS) is an independent investigating body of the Canyon County Sheriff's Office that investigates claims of discrimination, harassment and employee misconduct.  OPS conducts administrative investigations, not criminal investigations.  OPS provides quality control through involvement with policies and procedures, training and the culture of workplace environment.

The Sheriff or his designee may direct OPS to investigate an incident or any allegation of misconduct.  If the alleged incident is a violation of State or Federal laws, the appropriate law enforcement agency will be contacted and provided the necessary information to evaluate the situation and initiate an investigation.  If law enforcement initiates an investigation, the law enforcement investigation will take precedence over an administrative investigation conducted by OPS.  An administrative investigation will be conducted upon completion of the law enforcement investigation or concurrently, if appropriate.

When an investigation is complete, notification is sent to the Subject and Complainant of the case. 


1115 Albany St.
Room 137
Caldwell, ID 83605

Phone: (208) 454-7510

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