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Sheriff's Inmate Labor Detail Program
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The Sheriff's Inmate Labor Detail (S.I.L.D.) is a detention alternative program to incarceration that allows people to report to the Sheriff's Office and perform manual labor work for the county. An example of this would be if a person is sentenced to 50 days jail for a crime. The sentencing judge may give the guilty person the option to complete 10 days S.I.L.D. in lieu of the 50 days jail. For each of those 10 days S.I.L.D. the person sentenced is responsible to pay a $20 fee to cover expenses for the program. During a person's sentence in the S.I.L.D. program they can expect to complete manual labor tasks to be performed as directed by Sheriff's Deputies that oversee the program. A person's sentence can vary from one day to 365 days in the program, it is all up to the sentencing judge to decide how many days a person is sentenced. If the person fails to complete the sentence for the S.I.L.D. program they will be remanded to jail for failure to complete S.I.L.D. or a warrant will be issued for contempt of court and they will serve the total days in jail.

Our Sheriff's Inmate Labor Detail program is set up so that offenders can give back to the community by providing their manual labor. The program provides services to non-profit organizations, schools, city parks, and any city/state organization that is in need of our services. The S.I.L.D. program is most noticed when its offenders are cleaning up debris on the side of the highways. Although cleaning debris on the highway is what gets the program noticed it is not all that the S.I.L.D. department does for our community. The S.I.L.D. program provides workers from the program to the Animal Shelter, and the Canyon County Maintenance department. The offenders provided to the Animal Shelter clean kennels, wash dog dishes, do laundry, load trucks and pick up dog waste in the courtyard. Offenders provided to the Canyon County Maintenance program mow lawns, pick up trash, sweep sidewalks/parking lots, plant trees, dig sprinkler lines, paint and any other general maintenance. Once a year the S.I.L.D. program uses its offenders to prep and paint a house selected from the Paint The Town program. During the summer months the S.I.L.D. offenders are taken to Lake Lowell to clean the parks and lake banks once a week.

For the year of 2005 the SILD program generated $89,304.00, and in 2006 the program generated $134,254.00. The funds generated from our S.I.L.D. program are returned to the general fund that all of us taxpayers supply. With the utilization of the SILD program we are able to free up bed space in the county jail. It costs approximately $52.00 a day to keep an inmate in jail. With the SILD program we are able to keep people out of jail, use the resources from their labor and save an approximate $231, 348.00 for the year 2006 by not having the offenders of our community sit in jail. With the increase in population in our community comes an increase in the jail population. These numbers will progressively increase, and will continue to increase as long as there are law offenders in our community that require a jail sentence. In 2006 there were an approximate 49,758 man hours worked. If the county had to pay for those hours worked at the prior rate of $5.15 for minimum wage it would have cost the taxpayers approximately $256,253.70, not including benefits and insurance. By supplying the Animal Shelter, Canyon County Maintenance and other city organizations with S.I.L.D. labor, we are able to save the county taxpayers money.  Our Canyon County Sheriff Inmate Labor Detail program is here for our community and is eager to utilize its resources to give back to our community.

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