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Emergency Management
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Welcome to the Office of Emergency Management

Disaster can strike quickly and without warning.  It can force an evacuation of a community or confine residents to their homes.  Communities can and do cope with disasters by preparing in advance and working together as a team.  Canyon County emergency management and our first line responders are continually planning and working proactively to help ensure the safety of Canyon County residents in the case of an emergency or disaster.


The goals of emergency management are to save lives,prevent injuries and protect animals, property and the environment if an emergency occurs. Canyon County Emergency Management (CCEM) is responsible by Idaho statute for carrying out emergency management and coordination functions, disaster mitigation, planning, preparedness,response and recover efforts in the event of an emergency in the county.  CCEM is also responsible for maintaining and emergency operations center, located in Caldwell, to provide a coordinated emergency response.

A key tool in emergency response is the ability to alert local residents as quickly as possible about emergency conditions.  The primary component used to alert Canyon County residents is the Emergency Alert System (EAS) which is broadcast over local radio and television stations. Canyon County also has a Local Emergency Planning Committee (LEPC).  CCEM provides coordinating support to this organization which holds monthly meetings around the county. CCEM supports and coordinates Citizen Corps activities across the county.  The Citizen Corps affiliates include USA on Watch-Neighborhood watch, CERT-Community Emergency Response Teams, Fire Corps, MRC-Medical Reserve Corps, and VIPS-Volunteers in Police Service.

What is Emergency Management?

County emergency management agencies across the nation are responsible for coordinating the emergency and disaster mitigation, preparedness, response and recover efforts of the county.

Mitigation is defined as "sustained action that reduces or eliminates long-term risk to people and property from natural hazards and their effects." It describes the ongoing effort at the federal, state, local and individual levels to lesson the impact of disasters upon our families,homes, communities and economy.  Canyon County and incorporated cities within the county developed and approved a Hazard Mitigation Plan in2007.

Click here to see All Mitigation Plans:    Vol I   Vol II     Vol III

Preparedness means to have plans or preparations already made for reacting promptly and effectively to save lives and help response-and-rescue operations, before and emergency. Preparedness includes having evacuation plans, designating a family meeting place after an emergency and having a disaster supply kit.

Response begins as soon as a disaster is detected or threatens.  It involves mobilizing and positioning emergency equipment and personnel, and getting people out of danger.  It also means providing needed food,water, shelter, medical services and bringing damaged services and systems back on line.  Local responders, government agencies and private organizations take action.

Recovery is the effort to restore infrastructure and social and economic life of a community to normal, or even safer situation, following an emergency or disaster.  Recovery can be short-term or long-term.


1115 Albany St.
Room 137
Caldwell, ID 83605

Phone: (208) 454-7510

If you have any questions or need assistance with emergency management, planning and preparedness, feel free to contact the Canyon County Emergency Management Coordinator:

Lt. David J. Schorzman

Emergency Management Coordinator
1115 Albany St
Caldwell, Idaho 83605

Office: (208) 454-7271
Cell: (208) 989-2132

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