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Property Crimes
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Welcome to the Sheriff's Office Property Crimes Unit

The Property Crimes Unit is responsible for following up on the initial efforts of PATROL by investigating crimes in which the primary motive is financial gain. These types of offenses account for the majority of the crimes committed within our community and include residential, commercial and vehicle burglary, theft, arson, vandalism and various other property related offenses. 

Though the primary focus of the Unit is to recover stolen property and seek successful prosecution of the offender(s) related to these cases after the fact, investigators in the Unit often employ proven proactive strategies during the course of their investigations to deter and/or prevent these types of crimes from re-occurring in the future.  

The Unit consists of three highly trained investigators with over 64 combined years of Law Enforcement experience.  Notwithstanding their general responsibilities, each investigator in the unit is tasked with specialized details within their field; with these types of unique cases respectively assigned based on the investigator's particular emphasis or specialty.  These include:

  • Auto, residential and commercial thefts 

  • Arson investigation

  • Pawn/Salvage oversight

  • Surveillance operations

  • Vandalisms/graffiti

  • Firearm related offenses 

If you experience a theft of property in Canyon County and would like to file our Citizen Report of Property Crime, please read the following conditions to see if they apply:

(All four conditions must be met for the use of this report.  If your situation does not meet with all four conditions, please call our non-emergency dispatch center at 208-454-7531 to file a report with a Deputy)

  • To simply record a crime: at the request of an insurance company or for informational purposes when no further investigation is likely to follow.

  • There is no suspect or any evidence which might lead to a suspect in this case.

  • When the total value of property generally does not exceed $2500.00. 

  • No physical injury or assault resulted during this crime.

If you have read and understand the conditions for this report and wish to file a Citizen Report of Property Crime, Click below. (you may type on the form and then print it out, if you wish.) 

Download our Citizen Report of Property Crime 

*Note*  The Citizen Report of Property Crime MUST be signed and mailed or delivered to our Records Office.  The report is not valid without a signature.  Please read the directions and qualifications for this report prior to downloading and submitting it to our Office.

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