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Juvenile Detention
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Southwest Idaho Juvenile Detention Center


Juvenile detention, as part of the juvenile justice continuum, is a process that includes the temporary and safe custody of juveniles whose alleged conduct is subject to court jurisdiction who require a restricted environment for their own and the community’s protection while pending legal action*. Juvenile detention may range from the least restrictive community based supervision to the most restrictive form of secure care.

The critical components of juvenile detention include:

  • Screening to ensure appropriate use of detention,

  • Assessment to determine the proper level of custody, supervision and placement,

  • Policies that promote the safety, security and well being of juveniles and staff,

  • Services that address immediate and/or acute needs in the educational, mental, physical, emotional and social development of juveniles.

Based on the Definition of Detention as adopted by the National Juvenile Detention Association, October 14, 2007
*(Idaho Code also allows the use of secure detention as a dispositional alternative.)


The mission of the Southwest Idaho Juvenile Detention Center is to furnish architecturally secure detention for those youths within Idaho’s Third Judicial District who have violated the law and present a threat to the community, subject to the determination of the courts.  Further, the Center shall be an integral part of the Juvenile Justice system as it exists in Canyon County and all participating counties. 
SWIJDC is committed to uphold and follow the guidelines of the Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention Act which are contained in the four core requirements, which are:

  • Deinstitutionalization of Status Offenders

  • Jail Removal

  • Sight and Sound Separation of Juvenile from Adult Offenders

  • Disproportionate Minority Contact

SWIJDC is also committed to support the tenets of the “Balanced Approach,” upon which the Idaho Juvenile Corrections Act is based.  Those are:

  • Community Protection,

  • Accountability, and

  • Competency Development.

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