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Clerk: Indigent Services
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Welcome to Canyon County Indigent Services!  Our office is not affiliated with or a part of Health and Welfare (they are a state agency), but if you are looking for their office, they can be found at 3402 Franklin Road, Caldwell, ID.

The Indigent Services staff carries out the mandates of Idaho Code Chapter 35, Title 31.  This is an incident-based program and is not a good fit for many situations or circumstances.  Our staff understands that we will be asking applicants very difficult and personal questions and applicants may wish to withdraw from the program.  This is an option, however, please know that a hospital or medical provider may force participation in order to recoup payment from uninsured Canyon County residents.  Medical providers are required to notify patients within three (3) days if an application is being filed on their behalf.

This statute authorizes the county to assist uninsured Canyon County residents with financial payments on limited medical bills.  This assistance is in the form of a loan repayment program.  Residency, medical indigency, medical necessity and lack of all other resources must be proven in order for consideration in the program.  Applications for assistance are available from the Department of Health & Welfare or participating hospitals or other medical providers.

A lien will be filed with the Secretary of State’s office and the Canyon County Recorder’s Office on all real and personal property, insurance proceeds and lawsuits upon the filing of an application.  The lien will be lifted approximately 28 days after the application for financial assistance is denied.  If the application is approved, the lien will remain in place until the repayment has been satisfied. 

In order to qualify for assistance, an application will be filed with Health and Welfare (as Medicaid and Your Health Idaho are resources prior to Canyon County) or with Canyon County (if the medical procedure is a non-emergent/pre-scheduled procedure).  Once the county receives the completed application, a lien is placed (see above) and an investigation is opened.  Information such as rent verification, employment verification and utility services verifications are requested.  An interview is scheduled with the applicant and additional information is requested (bank statements, employment history, tax returns, business documentation et. al.).  Medical records and claims are requested from the treating physicians and medical providers.  Once all information has been received, the staff determines if the individual is a resident of the state of Idaho and if Canyon County is the obligated county.  A medical review may be done in accordance with the Catastrophic Health Care Cost Board policies and/or to determine if the medical procedure(s) is/are medically necessary and eligible for payment under the Medical Indigency statute.  Finally, the staff determines what expenses are allowable expenses per Canyon County resolutions/policy and whether the applicant is medically indigent.

Based upon the investigation of the Indigent Services staff, the Board of County Commissioners will make an initial determination of approval or denial for financial assistance.  If an applicant is found to be approved for aid, the applicant will be required to sign a promissory note of repayment.  If they are denied assistance, but believe an error was made in the investigation, they or the hospital may appeal the initial determination of denial within 28 days and a hearing before the Board of County Commissioners will be scheduled.

Canyon County Indigent Services staff works with local funeral homes to assist with payment for cremation services for Canyon County residents.  Individuals who have no family, assets or income may be eligible for this assistance.  An application, obtained from the Canyon County Indigent Services office, will be necessary and documentation to assert residency and lack of resources will be required for the Board of County Commissioners to approve a request for assistance.  Repayment of potential resources will be required.

Other non-medical assistance is not available at this time.

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