Bryan Taylor, Canyon County Prosecutor, announced today that Norman E. Kendall, age 38, of Caldwell, was sentenced by the Honorable Bradly S. Ford for the felony crime of Lewd Conduct with a Child Under 16.

Judge Ford sentenced Kendall to 4 years fixed, followed by 21 years indeterminate, for a total unified sentence of 25 years in prison.  Judge Ford also ordered Kendall to register as a sex offender, submit a DNA sample to the Idaho database, and have no contact with the victim or her mother, or any unsupervised contact with any minors for the duration of his sentence.  Kendall was also ordered to pay a $5,000 civil penalty along with court costs and public defender reimbursement.

Mugshot of Norman E. Kendall

Norman E. Kendall

Kendall was arrested in October 2017 after an investigation by the Canyon County Sheriff’s Office revealed that he had sexually molested a 4-year-old girl while she was staying at her grandparents’ house, where Kendall also lived.  According to detectives, the incident occurred in a camp trailer that was located on the property.  The 4-year-old victim told investigators that Kendall pulled down both of their pants and made her “wake up” his penis while they were inside the trailer.  The victim also disclosed that Kendall slapped his penis on her vagina and used his finger and penis to penetrate her vagina.  She said it caused what she described as a burning sensation when he did it.  During an interview with detectives, Kendall admitted to showing the young girl his penis but stated it was because she was curious and wanted to know what one looked like.  He also initially denied touching her, but later admitted he accidentally touched her vagina when he was peeking at and pulling down her underwear.

During sentencing, Judge Ford stated, “it is appalling that you have such little regard for this child for your own sexual gratification.  It is selfish.  It shows utter disregard for this child. I can’t think of a more hurtful thing you could do.”

“The defendant used his position of trust with this innocent young child and took advantage of her for his own pleasure,” said Prosecutor Bryan Taylor.  “Thankfully, she had the courage to tell her mother about it or the grooming and molesting likely would have continued and gotten worse.  There is no place for this kind of behavior in our society.”

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