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Digital Products

All the digital products are currently distributed in CD or DVD format. The GIS division of the Canyon County Assessor’s office distributes county wide GIS data and orthophotography. Digital Plat Maps $100 + tax


GIS Data

County GIS Data includes core map layers such as county boundary, parcel boundary polygons, parcel lines, city boundaries, road centerlines and zoning in personal geodatabase feature class format. The feature class is the standard geodatabase storage type used in ArcGIS by ESRI pdf. County wide Base Data on CD: $325 + tax



The County’s digital orthophotography is true color, divided into rural and urban resolutions. Urban resolution is 4″ per pixel and rural resolution is 1′ per pixel. The orthophotography was taken in spring of 2012, stored in JPEG format and taken in 1-mile intervals. The photos are loaded onto a minimum 120GB external hard drive, provided by the purchaser. 2012 Digital Orthophotography $325 + tax

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Subdivisions & Surveys

Recorded subdivision plats and record of surveys are scanned as TIFF files and distributed in CD format. Available for an annual fee of $250 + tax and includes updates via mail for the current quarter, as well as the three subsequent quarters.

Data Distribution Policy

Currently, digital data is only available for purchase as county wide layers and only with the CD products identified. Canyon County’s GIS Data Distribution Policy allows for distribution of digital GIS data to domestic government agencies and their contractors at a reduced or no cost.

How to Order

To purchase GIS digital data products please submit a GIS Data Order Form pdf. To purchase GIS data for reproduction, this additional license agreement pdf is required. Payment should be submitted in the form of a check* made out to the “Canyon County Assessor”. Completed order forms, and payment can be mailed to:

Canyon County Assessor’s Office
Attn: Plat Room
1115 Albany Street
Caldwell, ID 83605

To walk in an order you will find us in the new Administration Building across from the court house:

111 N 11th Ave, Suite 230
Caldwell, ID 83605
Phone (208)455-6016
Fax (208)454-7349

*To complete your purchase with a credit card:

Order Online

For more information on the GIS data available and the use restrictions, see the GIS User Guide pdf.

File Transfer Protocol (FTP) Access

The Assessor’s Office also maintains an FTP site which provides direct access to Canyon County’s GIS data as well as other related data. Currently the Assessor’s Office offers three pricing and access options to the site:

  • Option 1: $1000 + tax Annually
    Direct access to current GIS data and aerial photography via File Transfer Protocol (FTP) site. Requires the approval of a signed and notarized Internet Access Agreement (Option 1) pdf.

  • Option 2: $2000 + tax Annually
    Access to all of the scanned subdivisions plats and record of surveys via FTP. Requires the approval of a signed and notarized Internet Access Agreement (Option 2) pdf.

  • Option 3: $3000 + tax Annually
    Access to current GIS data, ortho aerial photography and scanned subdivisions and surveys via FTP. Requires the approval of a signed and notarized Internet Access Agreement (Option 3) pdf.

Main Assessor Location

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Rural Dept - Suite 220


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