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Death Certificates are generated by the funeral homes. When they have received pertinent vital information, the death certificate is then brought to the Coroner who will certify to the cause and manner of death. The funeral home will then register the death certificate with the State of Idaho Department of Vital Statistics.

The Coroner does not issue death certificates to the public. These copies need to be obtained from the Department of Vital Statistics, or they can be ordered through the funeral home.

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The primary role of the Coroner is to determine and certify the cause and manner of death for those cases which fall under the jurisdiction of the Coroner. These include natural, accidental, homicide and suicide.

The Coroner may authorize an autopsy to be performed by a licensed physician to aid in accurately and scientifically determining the cause of death. The Coroner will also prepare a written report regarding the information gathered during the investigation.

The Coroner may include medical records from hospitals, physicians, and other health care facilities to aid in determining cause of death. These records are placed in the case files, but due to Federal Code concerning protected health information, they are not subject to public view.

Case reports are subject to public view only after the conclusion of the investigation. These reports are available at the Coroner’s Office. The files to be viewed will not include protected health information or reports from other agencies.

Vicki DeGeus-Morris; Coroner, started with the Canyon County Coroner’s Office in 1985, under Coroner Dale G. Haile. She was promoted to Chief Deputy in 1988, and elected to the office of Coroner in 1990, taking office in 1991. Vicki retired from the Wilder Quick Response Unit in 1997 after having served as a volunteer EMT for 20 years, some of which as the president of the organization. Vicki has continued her education in death investigation and in 1996 was selected to the American Board of Forensic Examiners as a Board Certified Forensic Examiner with a Fellowship of the College.

Steve Rhodes, Chief Deputy Coroner, started with the Coroner’s Office in 1991 when Vicki took office. Steve is the Chief and volunteer firefighter/EMT with the Wilder Rural Fire Protection District. He is a former reserve officer for the Parma and Wilder Police Departments, as well as the past Mayor and City Councilman of Wilder. He has continued his education in death investigation throughout his time with the Coroner’s Office.

Lori LaRoche’ joined the coroner’s office in 2011. A former Boise State University student whose major was Social work. She had spent 3 years as an assistant to the Elko County Coroner in Nevada working death investigations. Before that she owned her own company for 15 years and worked in substance abuse treatment. She is a registered Medicolegal Death Investigator through the American Board of Medicolegal Death Investigators. Her education in the field of forensic science is ongoing here at the Coroner’s office. Her favorite part of her current position is getting to work closely with the wonderful families we come into contact with.

Scott Jessen Joined the Coroner’s Office in October, 2015. He retired from the Anchorage Police Department after being with them since 1980. Scott worked in various patrol and detective assignments including both person and property crimes. The majority of his training is in crime scene work and homicide investigations. Scott was part of the Major Crime Scene Team for 11years, the last 5 of which he served as Team Leader of one of the Crime Scene Teams. He retired as a Detective Sergeant having supervised the Homicide Unit of the Anchorage Police Department as his last assignment  prior to retirement in 2005. After retirement, he worked for The Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport Police & Fire Department as an Airport Screening Officer, A major private security contractor, and as a DOD contractor before returning to Idaho. Prior to joining the Coroner’s Office, Scott worked for the Canyon County Sheriff’s Office for nearly 6 years as a part-time Deputy in the Courts & Transports section.

We now have a full-time in-house Pathologist, Dr. Joe Kronz.  Dr. Kronz had worked for us in the past on a contract basis and we couldn’t be happier to have him join our staff.  He graduated from Oregon Health Sciences University School of Medicine and did his post-graduate work at Johns Hopkins Hospital Department of Pathology.  He is a great asset to the Canyon County Coroner’s Office.

In late 2006, plans were underway to build a Canyon County Forensic Complex. Construction began in 2007, and was completed in January 2008. The new building houses the Canyon County Coroner’s Office/Morgue on one end, the Sheriff’s Office Crime Lab on the other, and three garage bays the center. All evidence collected at crime scenes and autopsies are kept in this one, secure location.

The Morgue consists of a large, main autopsy room with one working station currently, as well as the plumbing and wiring for another. There are six individual coolers for body storage, and a second decomp room, with state of the art ventilation. This room has one cooler for body storage, and was designed with special walls to convert into a walk-in cooler if the need arises.


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