Click on the buttons above to watch the public hearings that the Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) held on the FY2023 tentative budget. The first public hearing was held on August 17. It was continued to August 19, when the BOCC voted 2-1 to approve the tentative operating budget for fiscal year 2023. Please see the links below for additional information on the FY2023 tentative budget.

Please note: the last link is a pdf that includes the FY2021 actual, FY2022 YTD actual, and the FY2023 requested, suggested, and tentative budgets. The requested column includes everything that was requested by Canyon County offices and departments for FY2023, as well as any requests from outside groups or agencies that support our community. The suggested column shows the Clerk’s suggested budget (linked at bottom of the screen) that was presented to the BOCC on July 12, 2022. The tentative column shows the budget that was approved 2-1 by the BOCC on August 5, 2022.


FY2023 Tentative Operating Budget Details pdf

FY2023 Tentative Budget & Suggested Budget Details pdf

(includes bookmarks with named descriptions for each budget including the elected office that manages it)

In a 2-1 split decision, the Board of County Commissioners agreed to publish the County’s FY2023 tentative operating budget with Commissioner Van Beek opposed citing the need for additional evaluation of the proposed $12,000/person increase in salaries. Board Chairwoman Smith said the proposed $12,000 increase is still under consideration and is encouraging citizens to provide constructive solutions on this sensitive topic. The FY2023 tentative budget includes a property tax request of $40 million, which is $14 million less than was levied for the current fiscal year.

It should be noted that the tentative budget approved for publication does not necessarily reflect the County’s actual operating budget that the Commissioners will approve following the August 17 public hearing, which is now continued to August 19 at 2 pm. The publication of the tentative budget sets a not to exceed number of $137,454,141, so changes can still be made to lower the total operating budget before it is approved by the Commissioners.

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