The Canyon County Board of Commissioners held a community input meeting on Monday, July 11, to allow citizens the opportunity to provide input on the fiscal year 2023 tentative budget and the County’s spending priorities for the upcoming fiscal year. The attendees were encouraged to provide input on the budget requests that were heard by Commissioners during four days of budget workshops in mid-June with the various county offices and departments. Those workshops can be viewed below. The corresponding budget requests from each office and department are also provided below.

Clerk Yamamoto is scheduled to present his suggested budget to the Commissioners on July 12. More information on that will be available following his presentation to the Board, which is scheduled for 10 am. 

June 13 Morning Workshops

Commissioners’ Office pdfSheriff’s Office pdf

June 14 Morning Workshops (pt. 1)

Public Information Officer pdfTreasurer’s Office pdf

June 14 Afternoon Workshops

Prosecuting Attorney’s Office pdfFacilities Department pdf

June 13 Afternoon Workshops

Clerk’s Office pdfAssessor’s Office pdf

June 14 Morning Workshops (pt. 2)

Coroner’s Office pdfCounty Fair pdf

June 15 Morning Workshops

Trial Court Administrator pdfPublic Defender pdfFleet Department pdf

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