Map showing jail parking lot closure; new parking lot; and new crosswalk for visitors and staff

Map of jail parking lot closure. Red area will be closed. Black/green area shows new parking lot for staff and visitors. New crosswalk is shown in orange.

Canyon County will close the main parking lot in front of the Dale Haile Detention Center on Tuesday, November 13 to allow preparation work to begin for the temporary modular jail facility that is expected to be in place and operational by June 2019.  The parking lot closure will allow the county to begin the process of relocating all the utility infrastructure and sidewalks in preparation for the new temporary facility.

While the closure is in place, visitors and jail staff will now need to use the new parking lot on the northeast corner of 12th Ave. and Chicago St.  A crosswalk was recently installed to make it safer and easier for staff and visitors to get across Chicago St.  The county also plans to have a HAWK beacon installed at the crosswalk by the end of 2018 to provide added safety for jail visitors and staff when crossing the street.

The county anticipates the parking lot closure to be in place for the next 5-7 years as county leaders work to build a new permanent jail facility at the county-owned Pond Lane property, located off Highway 20/26 west of Caldwell.

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