The Canyon County Sheriff’s Office is pleased to announce the recent graduations of Lieutenant Dale Stafford and Sergeant Charles Gentry from the School of Police Staff and Command at Northwestern University.  Lt. Stafford and Sgt. Gentry both successfully completed the ten-week Staff and Command program hosted by the Nama Police Department from January 8 – March 16, 2018.

Lt. Stafford and Sgt. Gentry following their graduation from Northwestern Univ. Center for Public Safety

Sgt. Gentry and Lt. Stafford following their graduation: (L to R: Lt. Mike Armstrong, CCSO Chaplain Bill Roscoe, Capt. Daren Ward, Sgt. Charles Gentry, Lt. Dale Stafford, Sheriff Kieran Donahue)

“I am incredibly proud of the success of Lt. Stafford and Sgt. Gentry, who not only graduated from the program but did so with high marks and were among the top performers in their class,” said Sheriff Kieran Donahue.  “Both of them are incredible law enforcement officers, and they now have the added tools and knowledge necessary to be future leaders in the Canyon County Sheriff’s Office.”

The School of Police Staff and Command was implemented by Northwestern University’s Center for Public Safety in 1983, and to date, has graduated over 18,000 students both nationally and internationally.  The program provides upper-level college instruction in a total of 27 core blocks of instruction and additional optional blocks during each session.  The major topics of study include: Leadership, Human Resources, Employee Relations, Organizational Behavior, Applied Statistics, Planning and Policy Development, Budgeting, and Resource Allocation.

Each student is academically challenged through written examinations, projects, presentations, and quizzes in addition to a staff study paper, all of which are required parts of the curriculum.  Upon successful completion, students are awarded a total of six units of undergraduate credit from Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois.

About the Northwestern University Center for Public Safety
The Center for Public Safety was established at Northwestern University in 1936 with the specific goal of expanding university-based education and training for the law enforcement community.  Since its inception, the Center has broadened its original objective and now provides a variety of courses and programs in the area of Police Training, Management Training, and Executive Development.

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