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Jose Cruz Flores

Bryan Taylor, Canyon County Prosecutor, announced today that Jose Cruz Flores, age 25, of Nampa, was sentenced by the Honorable Thomas J. Ryan for the felony crimes of Failure to Report a Death and Destruction of Evidence in connection with the domestic violence homicide case of Selena Thomas, who was killed by her fiancé, Alfredo Martinez. This sentencing comes at a time in which domestic violence awareness is being addressed both in the country and Canyon County.

“This case shows the horrors and impact on a community that domestic violence has,” said Deputy Prosecutor Monica Morrison, who spearheads Canyon County’s Domestic Violence Unit. “Although we can’t bring Selena back, we and her family can and will continue to educate the public about this devastating epidemic so that another innocent victim is not lost.”

Flores assisted Alfredo Martinez after he murdered his fiancé, Selena Thomas, in August 2014. He helped Martinez bury Thomas’s body and hide the murder weapon from law enforcement. Flores’s repeated deception of law enforcement also hindered the recovery of Thomas’s body, which wasn’t found until a week after the murder.

In her victim impact statement, the victim’s mother, Lori Moon, expressed how devastated she was of not knowing where her daughter was. Not only did Flores steal items from Moon’s house, but he stole the life of a daughter from her mother.

During sentencing, Judge Ryan stated, “I can’t imagine a reasonable human being assisting a relative in burying another human being…you have a level of accountability to pay for.”

Judge Ryan sentenced Flores to 1 year fixed, followed by 6 years indeterminate, on the Failure to Report a Death charge, and 1 year fixed, followed by 4 years indeterminate, on the Destruction of Evidence charge. Prosecution had requested a 10 year prison sentence as it felt the actions by Flores deserved a lengthy sentence.

“This was a senseless murder of an innocent woman, mother, and daughter that was made much worse by the actions of Mr. Flores and his co-defendants,” said Prosecutor Bryan Taylor. “We must come together to combat domestic violence and eradicate it from our community. Because one death from domestic violence is too many.”

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