Bryan Taylor, Canyon County Prosecutor, announced today that Kayla L. Teton, age 26, of Nampa, was sentenced by the Honorable Christopher S. Nye for the felony crime of First Degree Murder.

Judge Nye sentenced Teton to life in prison with the first 25 years fixed.  Judge Nye also ordered Teton to pay $5,000 to the Crime Victim Services fund as well as court costs.

Booking photo for Kayla L. Teton

Kayla L. Teton

Teton was arrested by the Nampa Police Department in October 2015 after she killed her roommate while staying at the Port of Hope, which is a treatment center/halfway house for people with mental health and substance abuse issues.  Teton was staying at the facility on federal supervised release at the time of the incident.  According to police, Teton removed a metal pipe from a nearby bathroom sink and used it to hit her roommate repeatedly in the head before a staff member walked in and caught her.  Teton then dropped the pipe and left the facility.  When officers arrived on scene, they found the victim unresponsive in her bed and the metal pipe on the ground next to the bed.  The victim had extensive head trauma and when paramedics arrived a short time later they were unable to locate a pulse. Teton was arrested a few hours later at a nearby location without incident.

During sentencing, deputy prosecutor Matt Bever read Teton’s version of events from the presentence report, which stated, “I got a metal pipe and hit [the victim] in her head over and over.  The reason why I killed [her] was because at the time I was upset and I took my anger out on [her].”

“This was a tragic incident and I want to extend my deepest thoughts and sympathy to the family of the victim,” said Prosecutor Bryan Taylor.  “I also want to commend the Nampa Police Department for their great work in locating and apprehending Ms. Teton before she could potentially harm someone else.”

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