Please see the statement below that Canyon County Sheriff Kieran Donahue issued on August 8, 2020, regarding the recent media reports on allegations made by a Census worker and her mother against Canyon County Sheriff’s Deputies:

On August 7, 2020, Canyon County’s local newspaper published an article about a citizen interaction involving three of my deputies, a homeowner, her neighbor, a U.S. Census worker, and that worker’s mother. The bare facts of that incident are these: On July 27, my deputies responded to multiple calls involving a verbal disturbance on private property involving census workers and the property owner and a neighbor. The property in question had also recently had reports of suspicious activity. My deputies arrived with body cameras rolling, took statements from all involved persons, and facilitated a timely and peaceful conclusion to a situation that was no doubt stressful for both sides. The property owner, her neighbor, the census worker, and her mother all appeared to believe they were in the right, and each appeared to have strong feelings they believed were entirely warranted by the others’ actions.

That is the kind of unpredictable, uncertain, and potentially dangerous circumstances my deputies, and all law enforcement officers, face on every call they respond to every day.  In this case, my deputies professionally resolved a potentially difficult situation and have since written reports that have been submitted to the County Prosecutor to review for any possible charges against all of the involved parties. Those materials will all become public record in time by operation of law and due process.  Until then, speculation is unhelpful – particularly when it is one-sided.

Law enforcement is a difficult and essential calling, perhaps now more than ever.  My Office welcomes scrutiny and dialogue during these times, as it always has.  In return, I respectfully request the local media’s assistance in treating complex and nuanced issues involving law enforcement and criminal justice with the thoughtful and deliberate consideration those issues necessarily involve and require. The immediate gratification and rush to judgment facilitated by social media is a serious threat to an ordered society, made worse when mainstream media jumps on board with those tactics to get clicks. A job of law enforcement, like the job of the press and the duty of any citizen in a democracy, is to withstand intense political and cultural pressures to reach quick and convenient conclusions, and to instead find the path to truth and justice.”

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